Consider Yourselves Under Lock-Down

Here we are, just a few days after we returned to the U.S. and, thank God, we made just in time. The impact of the upcoming wave of virus infections and associated deaths is just beginning. I fear that the worst is ahead of us.

Or is it?

First, consider your own situation.

Are you over 65 and/or vulnerable to the virus because of underlying medical conditions?

Are you expecting a child or have toddlers in the house?

Are you young and are stuck in wherever you are because of the recent California government mandate to “shelter in place”?

What makes it worse: The elderly and those with serious underlying health conditions (e.g., unmanaged diabetes, COPD, suppressed or compromised immune systems) are very much more likely to die if they contract the virus. Here are some statistics:

What makes it better: Isolation. It sounds pretty harsh, but the best way to protect those who are vulnerable is to ensure that they have minimal contact with people. Designate someone in the family to be the “shopper” who goes out and gets/delivers essentials to the family.  Consider having goods delivered. [link] If you’re single, then obey the orders of your state and/or local officials.

Are you expecting a child or have toddlers in the house?

What makes it worse: Initial indications are that the virus tends to affect older people, and for whatever reason, there have been very few deaths among babies and young children. The biggest risk is that they can be vectors for the transmission of the disease. They may be infected, but not exhibit symptoms, and put others at risk. Like Grandma who wants to see her grandchild.

What makes it better: The only way to stop the spread of the disease is to isolate. The human population does not have any immunity to the disease, which means that EVERYONE who gets infected WILL get sick. Keep everybody at home and minimize personal contact.

Are you young and are stuck in wherever you are because of the recent California government mandate to “stay at home”?

What makes it worse: Not following the stay at home mandate.

What makes it better: Close reading of the stay at home mandate allows freedoms to go food shopping, go out for medical evaluation, take care of veterinarian services for your pet, or even exercising outside. (Hint: The virus spreads through clouds of snot when an infected person sneezes. If you’re outdoors, the wind disperses the COVID-19 virus into virus heaven.)

What makes it better (2): Everybody gets hours per day back because they don’t have to spend time with their sorry butts in traffic. Theoretically, it could boost the economy because all of us would re-capture a few precious hours of time each day. That could have multiplicative effects if used wisely. What are you going to spend your extra time on?

What makes it better (3): I can be more agile with my time at home and increase my productivity. Example: I want some fresh rolls for tonight’s dinner. So I use my time between meetings and other tasks to get the dough started,  punch down and shape the rolls, ready to pop in the oven to accompany dinner. The steps, by themselves, take little time and the time between steps is efficiently used.

What makes it better (4): I will get to spend extra time with those close to me, be it my immediate family, or treasured pet, if there were a difference. Maybe that’s where my 2 extra hours go.

Stay safe and God bless.

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