Opinions Are Like …

This is a part of my blog where I get to pontificate about things that I’ve learned. Their applicability to the subject of DIY home remodeling may not be readily apparent, but I guarantee you that, at some point, they are.

  1. If you want professional results, then either take the time to become a student of the profession and get some practice on smaller projects, or hire one.
  2. Know your limits and know when to hire a professional to do the job. Your studies of a given profession will give you a big clue, and will also give you the insight necessary to hire a good one.
  3. Hire a professional consultant for your DIY remodeling project. You need some objectivity and they will point out things that you had no clue about. A good one will also help you pass your inspections.
  4. Do not begrudge the fee that a good professional will charge. It’s a tough business, and if you figure in all of the taxes and fees these people have to deal with, you’ll see that you’re getting a bargain.
  5. Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from poor judgment.
  6. The difference between a skilled woodworker and a novice is the experience you have in hiding your mistakes.
  7. Measure twice and cut once, but if that fails, just make your project smaller.

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